Sunday, January 27, 2019


thought vaguely that I'm a socialist, sort of, although
others said no real socialist would be so fussy about
coffee. But I admitted a bourgeoise weakness for the old
vintage Coach handbags. These are the cool kind where
you can see the mark the bull made on his hide when he
scratched against a shagbark oak.

Today I was trolling eBay, because sometimes bored rich
ladies sell their barely used castoff handbags for a
good price. I spotted a wine red Coach beauty with a
lovely patina. I studied the pictures, nose to screen,
and suddenly screamed aloud in horror.

"NO SLIP POCKET IN BACK?? Just what the HELL am I
supposed to do, lift a damn flap every time I want to
put my sunglasses away? What...the...F**K!"

So, it's definite. Not a socialist. Instead, a Spoiled
American Woman. I'm really embarrassed by this,
but what can I say? I like slip pockets.

(signed) ABASHED


  1. Hi Margaret -- I've seen a couple of your very funny comments over at Calvin's Canadian Cave of Coolness and I like your sense of humour, so here I am -- a new follower! And I'm a vaguely pinko, spoiled Canadian woman, so there's that too.

    1. Hi Debra, thanks for dropping by! Thank you for your kind comment. Also, I really like that there are other vaguely pinko, spoiled women like me, and that we are worldwide.

  2. Even socialists deserve a few indulgences. Treat Yourself!

  3. Professor Chaos--Thank you, I will follow your wise advice and do so!

  4. You mean they actually make purses WITHOUT a slip pocket, Margaret? Color me another Spoiled American Woman, proud to be in your fine company.

    It's so great to see a recent post too, Margaret. You're a gem.

    Virtual hugs.

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