Friday, November 22, 2013


I admire the old-time movie freedom fighters, especially Ingrid Bergman, who won World War II several times without ever breaking a sweat. In fact, as these scenes from CASABLANCA and NOTORIOUS show us, she saved civilization in diamond chandelier earrings,  romantic garden hats and a ruffly bolero.

We know that the Nazis will totally fail at world domination when Bergman symbolically rests her exquisitely manicured hand on the globe.
In NOTORIOUS, her fellow warrior is Cary Grant.
No reason you can't beat the Axis Powers in silk socks!
If you're Bogey, you can be sad, fight the Nazis, drink champagne and wear black tie all at the same time.
Well, maybe Sam won't ever play it again... but these thrillingly
invincible and glamorous combatants, plunging bravely through their hair-raising world-saving adventures,
will always make my heart glad. I stand, raise a glass and cheer.


  1. Margaret... it's SO GOOD TO SEE YOU!!! If you can see my email address on this comment, I'd sure love for you to respond by email. I've never had your address, since you don't link to it.

    Bergman and Grant... weren't they something!

    Thanks for dropping in and commenting!!!

  2. Ms. A-- It's good to see you too! Your comment (like your blog) makes me happy. And Bergman and Grant--yes, they were definitely something. Beings of grace and spirit, always so rewarding to watch.

  3. Hi Margaret! Im always happy to see a post or comment from you. I hope you are doing well. How is life treating you?

    Great post! It serves as a reminder (in my opinion) that there aren't any actors today, that compare to people like these two. Not even close. It was a different world in every way.

  4. Talk about gorgeous and classy. The Bergman-Bogey combination is off-the-charts.

    It's great to see you again, Margaret. Thanks for always making it a point to stop by. I hope you're well. You are a gorgeous and classy lady too.


  5. Hi Pat!--I agree with you--These great actors are in a class all their own. When I see their movies, I think how seldom it is that present-day actors make me feel the same emotion: delight.

  6. Robyn, "gorgeous and classy" yourself! I always enjoy your comments, so kindly expressed. And I enjoy your posts, witty and fearless and thoughtful.

  7. Next time someone says to thank the veterans, I'm going to add "and Ingrid Bergman!"

  8. Professor Chaos--Yes, someone who saved Western civilization between pedicures is a special lady!

  9. Thank you for dropping in and the sweet comment!