Thursday, June 10, 2010

On Deep Survival: "One who is good at preserving his life..."

(I've posted this quote from the Tao Te Ching once before, in 2009. However, because it becomes wiser and more valuable the longer you think about it, it's worth saying twice.)

One who is good at preserving his life
does not avoid tigers and rhinoceroses
when he walks in the hills;
nor does he put on armor and take up weapons
when he enters battle.
In this man
the rhinoceros has no place to jab its horn.
The tiger has no place to fasten its claws.
Weapons have no place to admit their blades.
what is the reason for this?
Because on him there are no mortal spots.

(quote from the Tao Te Ching)

And writer Peter Leschak explains the mystery of survival
this way:
"You must be so alive you simply cannot die."


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  2. I'll try again...
    Those are amazing words. It's so important to actually "live" our lives instead of always playing things so close to the vest.
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    (he says from the safety of his kitchen table...)

  3. Pat, I agree that they're wonderful words. I'm definitely not as brave as the man in the quote, but it's something to admire and aim toward...

  4. Hi Margaret. Thanks for the comment on my post. As hairy as a chimp and she loved it? That's really gross. :)
    So glad to find your unique blog with its mix of great poetry and prose.I'm following too.

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  6. Everything in the Tao is worth saying twice.

  7. Hi Robyn, I enjoy your blog a lot. And thanks for following. In regard to the whole Hairy Back debate and Norman Mailer's 6th (7th?) wife, isn't it great that they found each other?!

    Joven, thank you for your kind comment. I will certainly visit your website soon and take a look at the Linux Font.

    Jhon, I agree with you completely about the Tao. And I'm very glad to have discovered your blog. I look forward to reading more of your fine poems and thoughts.

  8. Fuck that, I'm all for taking cover, meself (Wink)!!

  9. Yes, Shrinky, that would work too!! :^)