Tuesday, May 26, 2009


"Rise early, and sharpen your knife."
Czech saying

""I hated the vain turd on sight."
character Billy Leo about con man Geoffrey
in short story "Geoff In Disgrace"

"If you sit beside the river bank long enough,
the bodies of all your enemies will float by."
(All countries have some variation of this)

"You can smell him before you see him."
Lyndon Baines Johnson about his enemy,
conservative journalist Robert Novak

"You should always enter a room in such a way
that your enemy feels the day is not as sweet as before..."
Ernest Hemingway

Above all, "Illegitimi non carborundum" (Latin)
Don't let the bastards wear you down!

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  1. I like the last one. Reminds me of the Obamanator keeping his preternatural calm while the primitives howled last year...

    ...then there's "living well is the best revenge"...